About Us

The Firm is engaged in general law practice and maintains the following practice groups: corporate law, special projects, litigation, tax, labor relations, land titles and deeds, intellectual property and immigration. We are committed to delivering prompt and efficient services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and to protect their interests.

Our extensive experience in corporate law practice has enabled us to effectively guide clients through mergers and acquisitions, investment options in the Philippines for foreign investors, joint ventures, sale and purchase of assets and shares, initial public offerings, follow on offerings, tender offer, registration of securities, loan and security arrangements, tax-free exchanges and tax-free rulings, corporate restructuring, compliance with Philippine Competition Law and other major commercial transactions.

Our services cover all aspects of a given transaction. We conduct legal due diligence audits and advise clients on the implications or consequences of the transaction in question.

In helping our clients formulate their overall strategies, we identify issues or potential areas of concern and recommend effective and practical solutions to resolve these matters.

We also negotiate contracts, draft agreements and render opinions. Moreover, we take care of post-closing and reportorial requirements such as liaising with the appropriate government agencies and filing the necessary reports. We likewise secure regulatory permits and licenses from various government agencies.

We likewise perform corporate housekeeping services for publicly listed and privately held companies and ensure that our clients are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Our experience in litigation practice is similarly considerable. We handle civil, criminal and administrative cases before trial and appellate courts, administrative and arbitration bodies and quasi-judicial agencies. Our advocacy is founded on crafting coherent strategies that are geared toward the successful settlement or disposition of disputes and take into account the objectives of our clients as well as other relevant concerns. We devote substantial time and effort to establishing the facts of a given case, reviewing all pertinent records, drafting pleadings, affidavits and other supporting documents, and interviewing and preparing witnesses.

In the field of labor law, we handle a substantial number of cases. We handle collective bargaining negotiations, review company labor and employment policies and render advice on company policies and the implementation of various rules and regulations.

Intellectual property practice covers registration of tradename, trademark, and copyright, including litigation of any opposition filed against the Intellectual properties. We also handle housekeeping of Intellectual properties such as filing of reportorial requirements and monitoring of e-gazette. We also handle infringement and cancellation of trademark cases.

Immigration practice includes processing of alien employment permits and working visas for expatriate employees. We likewise handle applications for retirees and investors’ visas, dual citizenship and recognition of Philippine citizenship.

Our clients are engaged in a wide spectrum of businesses including banking, education, real estate, mining, medical services, ground handling and airport services, maintenance, repair, overhaul of aircraft, media and public relations, construction, telecommunications, power generation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, information technology, retail and wholesale trade, private recruitment for domestic and international employment, life and non-life insurance, cement, pre-need companies, business process outsourcing, health management organization, investment companies, gaming and the management of foreign funds.

The Firm is a member of ADVOC Asia, a regional network of commercial law firms throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our membership in ADVOC Asia has helped us keep abreast of current legislative and commercial developments in the Asia Pacific Region and to advise our clients accordingly. We also enjoy ready access to the expertise of law firms in China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and selected countries in Europe and South America. This access is particularly useful in cross-border and multi-jurisdictional cases.